Loving our uni and serving students in the name of Jesus



What is Text-A-Toastie?

This is an event that happens once or twice a term that reaches out to the whole campus in a big way.

What actually happens?

Students on campus text into the Text-A-Toastie (T-A-T) phone number with their location, a choice of two fillings including: Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Chocolate Spread, Marshmallow, and a question they have about Christianity or God for their FREE toastie. The text is received by the T-A-T phone, which will be in the hands of the cooking team of CU members, who will make their toastie and send it down the production line to the ‘delivery’ team. The delivery team will discuss the question and how they would answer it, then someone will take the toastie and either walk, cycle or drive to deliver the toastie to the student’s door and answer their question about Christianity and tell them about Jesus!

Cookie for a question

What is Cookie for a question?

This is an outreach event that happens once or twice a term that is a fun way for students to get a FREE cookie and a question answered about God or Christianity.

What happens?

We have stands set up around campus e.g. at the library, at Students Union, where students can stop and ask a question they have about God or Christianity. The CU members at the stall will answer their question and then they get a free cookie.