Loving our uni and serving students in the name of Jesus

How to get involved

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the CU, you can sign up by clicking the following link:


It’s only £6 and your membership fee helps pay for various events and expenses, meaning we can do more stuff! You can also vote when we hand over to a new committee and only members can be on committee.


In order to put on all the outreach events we do, we rely on donations from people to be able to keep running these events as often as we do. If you feel as if you would like to give towards the CU in any small way, please contact our Treasurer, Michael Page.

Former CU members can set up a standing order to continue serving the CU even after they graduate.

Welcome Team

This involves greeting people at the doors as they arrive, mingling with people at the beginning and ensuring everyone feels welcome, especially if someone is new. If you’re naturally chatty then this is the perfect way to serve the CU! To get involved, contact Steph Jinkerson.

Worship Team

Whether you are an experienced musician or just starting out, there are plenty of opportunities on the CU worship team to serve! Whether you have grade 8 in an instrument or just play for fun, we can never have too many musicians! From leading at the front on Monday meetings or performing at Acoustic Night, we want to hear your God-given talent! Being on this team you also make new friends and can relax while having ‘jamming’ sessions when practicing for the Monday meetings. If this interests you, email Michael Page for more information.

Outreach Team

Throughout the year we hold a lot of outreach events, some more regularly than others such as Wednesday Quench and Text-A-Toastie or some less often such as Events Week. If you have a passion for telling non-Christians about Jesus and want to be involved in planning and helping with these events, then contact either Matthew Leung or Josephine Tingey and information will be sent out for each event.

Tech Team

This team helps to set up and pack up all the sound equipment before and after CU. They ensure that everyone in the worship band can be heard playing equally and make sure the band are happy with how they sound. They also make sure that everyone at the meeting hears what is said. They also run the powerpoint for the meeting which shows the worship song lyrics and notices as well as speakers' powerpoints. If you love the tech side of things and can work a computer, this could be a way to get involved with CU. To get involved, contact Matthew Leung.